The Critical Facts that you should know about Becker Automotive Design
The real benefit gained by owning a Becker JetVan™ or Becker Cadillac Escalade ESV reaches far beyond the luxury, productivity, comfort and safety that go into every vehicle we build. We like to call it THE BECKER ADVANTAGE, and it comes from decades of experience, producing more high-quality custom luxury vehicles for sophisticated customers than anyone else in the global executive transportation industry.

internationally as a “Preferred” builder of their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and V-Class vans. That means Becker has passed all required seat safety testing, conducted by accredited automotive research and safety testing facilities. These include in-chassis mounted crash seat-pull tests, certifying that Becker seating meets or exceeds all U.S. Federal and E.U. crash safety standards. Additionally, Becker has obtained Mercedes-Benz engineering approvals for its custom electronics, HVAC and suspension upgrades. When lives depend upon achieving safety standards, Becker leaves no room for guesswork.


(Shanghai GM’s Senior Management Leadership Team), has selected Becker to produce its specialized executive Cadillac Escalade ESV design for presentation through authorized Cadillac dealerships in China. We treasure both their confidence in us, and our responsibility in representing the very best of American automotive technology and workmanship.


design, engineering and management professionals oversee every critical element in the production of a Becker vehicle. Using the most advanced software and working with Becker trained skilled technicians and artisans to achieve precision fit, finish and performance, Becker takes the quality, safety and reliability of every Becker produced vehicle to another level.

Becker has honed its integrity

by attending to our customer's warranty and maintenance needs on four continents. Becker's in-house service technicians work in concert with Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and independent service centers throughout the world with state of the art wiring schematics and diagnostic procedures to solve service issues, should they arise, locally. When needed Becker technicians have traveled the globe to service our customer's vehicles.


of its highest quality customized vehicles for the world's most discerning customers. No one in our industry has produced nearly as many top level luxury conversions, or have any been in business as long as Becker Automotive Design.

Becker has been consistently recognized for having established the highest standards in the aftermarket industry, having received Robb Report's prestigious "Best of the Best" award for ten years, and counting.

Becker Leads the Industry

when it comes to the integration of state-of-the-art electronics into the mobile environment. Our roots in this endeavor go back to 1975. Our professionals work with our customers, their IT staffs and proven technology leaders to develop the most powerful mobile office systems available, anywhere; systems that function seamlessly, reliably and are easy for our customers to use.

Becker Has Produced Entertainment Systems

Becker has produced mobile audio and video systems for many of the most renowned Grammy Award-winning musicians, as well as industry-leading music and movie producers. Becker entertainment systems have the depth, fidelity and dynamics of a dedicated home theater. When it's time for electronic entertainment, nothing outperforms the presence of a Becker designed and tuned mobile audio-video system.

Becker has advanced the science of armoring

for 20 years—quietly, discretely and under the radar. Our engineers have worked with the U.S. Government, select governments from other countries and with security and logistics experts for protection of heads of state, top government officials and business leaders on four continents. Protection is a serious matter, and Becker provides world class protection solutions for those who need it most.


based upon knowledge and experience that makes a vehicle by Becker Automotive Design the most coveted in the industry. We are grateful for the trust we have earned from customers in more than 25 countries. Many of our customers are proud to share their names, and we invite you to understand the breath and quality of our incomparable client list, please visit: We also invite you to join this growing list.

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