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Our stretches are engineered to equal or exceed factory standards. We have developed and manufactured custom elongated part replacements for our 20" stretch line. Using high-end engineering CAD software and models supplied by GM we have developed custom steel stamped door skins, custom rear door window glass, custom B pillar moldings, custom floor skins, a replacement elongated drive shaft and frame rail reinforcements with high strength steel extensions of the highest quality.

The ride quality is improved with the 20" stretch modification on the Cadillac Escalade ESV. By extending the wheelbase of the vehicle we reduce road bumps and vibrations from the front wheels back to the rear wheels due to the extended travel. We then add high quality anti-sway bars to counter any additional sway that may occur with a longer wheel base when turning as well as an excellent brake upgrade developed by Wilwood brakes.

Today, we are unaware of any limousine stretching company which goes to the great lengths that we do when producing a stretched vehicle. Our process is much more costly but our customer base requires and appreciates our higher quality design standards.