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Base Vehicle Information

All Becker Mercedes-Benz Sprinter JetVans include:

  • US Federal compliance safety tested seating, seat bases and seat floor mountings.

  • Interior substructure construction utilizing light weight composite materials.

  • Custom rear compartment high output air conditioning, heating and fresh air ventilation systems, (fresh air constantly supplied and filtered through dust, carbon and HEPA filters).

  • Sound deadening materials for entire rear compartment.

  • On-board 110-220 volt power with outlets (pure sine wave).

  • Aviation compliant LED lighting.

  • Rear Suspension upgrades

  • Dual battery system with high capacity charging..

  • Proprietary wire harnesses, blue-printed, with 64 position power distribution center, (includes; fuse panels, circuit breakers, color codes, and balanced with vehicle electrical generation capacity, load requirements and anticipated temperature ranges).

  • Interior upholstery, materials, fit and finish equals or exceeds European luxury car quality.

  • Meets Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engineering compliance standards.

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